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Sex Education

Sex education, as "taught" in our pubic schools, is sorely, dangerously lacking in both factual and moral content.

Our children are being told that it's better not to have sex. And then, after that sentence is spoken, they are told over the course of weeks how to have sex -- just in case they don't remember that little piece of advice, half-heartedly given at the beginning of a class that is probably being taught by a burly gym coach who hits on anything in a skirt.

No wonder our teenagers are so thoroughly screwed up.

It's probably better for sex education to take place in the home, but if it has to be part of school, then at least children should know that there is more than one side to the story. For example:

Adding to the problem is the fact that schools undermine the authority of parents by often contradicting what children are told at home. Schools should not contradict stories of storks and cabbage patches any more than they should proclaim that Santa Claus is not real. This is a violation of the right to freedom of religion! Truly, such a state of affairs must be condomed.