Highest School

Formation of Language

Although children are taught a great deal about how to read, write, and speak, they learn almost nothing about how language develops. At most, they "learn" a few "facts" about how romance languages "evolved" from Latin, which supposedly explains why English and Spanish have similar words for some things, like "soap" and "sopa," or "embarrassed" and "embarazada."

This "theory" of origins is given to our children without examination, but it has more than a few holes in it. For example:

So where did all the new languages come from? It makes much more sense to believe that there was one language originally spoken by humanity, and that at some point people were divided into groups and each group was given a new mode of speech by some kind of language maker. Science can not tell us the nature of this language maker, but experts at the Institute for Linguistic Science (ILS) reason that the language maker must be all powerful, all good, and deserving of worship. They also infer that there must have been an incident that sparked the creation of new languages, possibly involving an insult to the language maker such as the building of some kind of large structure in an attempt to reach the language maker's home. Because ILS is a scientific group, its experts cannot speculate beyond the evidence, however they do point out that, interestingly, these findings fit well with the beliefs of certain morally superior religious traditions.