Highest School

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Highest School?

Highest School is an organization dedicated to making sure that our children are exposed to all sides of scientific and historical issues, and not condemned to hear just what an elite group of special interests wants them to hear.

Do you advocate that evolution not be taught in school?

No -- we believe that all subjects must be taught in a fair and balanced manner. Evolution belongs in the classroom as part of the family of ideas, just as spontaneous generation, Scientology, and phrenology do.

Are you a religious institution?

No, we are not explicitly religious. All of the people in our organization are religious, but we do not require that they be so, and atheists are welcome so long as they do not try to force their beliefs on those of us with more realistic sensibilities.

We do, however, point out that a Web site of this depth and complexity could not be the work of random forces and therefore indicates the presence of a creator.

Who are the forces attempting to control our children's education?

There are many of them!

How can we help?

See our What Can I Do page.